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Call for Reviewers

Call for Reviewers

We are looking for volunteer reviewers to join the conference Scientific Committee. If you would like to participate in the Scientific conference Committee, please send the following information to: info@rcitd.com. We will respond as soon as possible. If you have a colleague who is also interested in article reviewing and participation in the Scientific Committee for the Conference, please feel free to forward our website address to him or her.

Please send your application for membership to the committee of reviewers in the following format:

Email address:    
Email subject: Reviewer Application  
Your name:    
Your highest academic degree:    
Name of your institution:    
Department or Division:    
Your postal address:    
City, State, Country:    
Website of your institution:    
Your position:    
Your scientific orientation: Please specify your specialization precisely (according your priority). List as many items as you need. When you write your specialization, please delete the default values, which are showed only as examples.
1. for example: Economy - economy prognosis - economy prognosis in EU
2. for example: Economy - investments in economy
3. for example: Education - education in secondary schools
4. for example: Education - education in nursery
5. for example: Information technology - network security, IP security

Send us your data at: info@rcitd.com

The reviewers are expected to write reviews in time, in a constructive, scientific and qualitative way. The quality of the conference depends on the ability of the reviewers to be objective, fair and to be educated in their chosen fields.

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